As a science writer, I will forever be a student of science. By writing ecological and environmental stories, I hope to inspire others to engage in scientific conversations and explore their own backyards. Currently, I am a science and content writer with the University of Idaho.



Wildfire in the West

Photo Credit: Kari Greer/U.S. Forest Service

Photo Credit: Kari Greer/U.S. Forest Service

Climate change increases fire risk in Idaho

Starting a wildfire requires three ingredients: oxygen, a spark and fuel. Outdoors, oxygen is not hard to come by. Lightning or humans can provide the spark. But the fuel, that’s really the key. 

University of Idaho - June 2018

Burbots Bounce Back

Photo Credit: University of Idaho

Photo Credit: University of Idaho

Researchers tweak fish’s biology for aquaculture industry

Moureen Matuha points at a group of blotchy brown fish with eel tails and catfish heads huddled together like a pile of sleeping puppies on the bottom of the tank.

“These burbot are napping. They actually nap,” said Matuha, a University of Idaho doctoral student studying environmental science in Moscow. “But it’s chaos when you feed them.”

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Drone Mission to Titan

Photo Credit: Snowmanradio on Flickr

Photo Credit: Snowmanradio on Flickr

U of I’s Jason Barnes is part of Team Dragonfly, one of two teams competing for a real-world NASA mission

In 2025, a Dragonfly may have the opportunity to hop a rocket from Earth to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Named for its insect shape, Dragonfly is a drone-like rotorcraft specifically designed to sample Titan’s atmosphere and surface. With eight rotors, the dual-quadcopter will have the ability to fly from site to site on the alien moon, potentially traveling up to 10s of miles at a time. 

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